General FAQs About Engage


Who are the partners and limited partners of Engage?

The corporate partners and limited partners contributing capital, expertise, time and resources in support of Engage include AT&T, Chick-fil-A, Cox Enterprises, Delta Air Lines, Georgia-Pacific, Georgia Power Foundation, Inc., Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Invesco Ltd., The Home Depot, UPS and Georgia Tech.

How involved are the corporate partners?

Extremely involved. In almost every case the current CEO of each corporate partner is active on the board of Engage Ventures and the companies themselves are invested as limited partners. You won’t find that level of involvement anywhere else.

At Engage, we connect startups with corporate innovators differently. You will interact directly with senior executives, champions, and operators in each of the corporations.

Executives also serve as advisors to our startups. Advisors will help you strategize on your go-to-market strategy and help you improve at selling, piloting, analyzing and expanding within their organization and other organizations.

Engage regularly hosts dinners with the corporate CEOs at award-winning restaurants. A truly unique experience.


Growth Program

Where and when is the growth program?

The Engage growth program is held twice a year, Fall and Spring, in Atlanta, Georgia. The upcoming spring cohort runs from February 2018 through May 2018. Portfolio companies are welcome to use the Engage space in Technology Square in Midtown Atlanta.

As a founder in the growth program, what will a typical day look like?

We recognize that our founders reside all over the country and also are running a business full-time; therefore, we make sure to condense anything we do into 1-2 days a week. Each week will have talks from guest speakers, including corporate CEOs, startup founders, venture capitalists, and executives from well-known companies. Additionally, you can participate in workshops and work one-on-one with experts to help form and execute your go-to-market strategy.

Is there an application process?

No. At Engage, there is no formal application process. We rely heavily on referrals from trusted investors, executives, startup founders, and mentors who are connected with Engage. If you believe you would be a strong fit for Engage, please send us an intro email and deck or executive summary to Better yet, have someone send us a warm introduction to your company. 

We evaluate companies on a rolling basis. We plan to have our spring cohort finalized by mid-January 2018.

What stage of companies do you fund?

We fund companies that are close to or have already built their first product and are looking for scale and access to distribution. This typically means that companies have already found product-market fit, have raised seed funding, and have existing revenue traction.

The average incoming Engage portfolio company has $1MM in revenue run rate and has approximately $2MM in funding. Our incoming portfolio companies have had anywhere from $500k to $5MM in prior funding.

What are you looking for?

In general, we invest in bold entrepreneurs pursuing large market opportunities with innovative and disruptive products. We are interested in a wide range of industries, particularly as our corporate partners spread across many markets. Companies should be targeting a market opportunity that is large enough to be a good fit with the venture capital financing model.

We are particularly interested in technically-leaning teams in the IoT, AI, FinTech, logistics, and blockchain spaces and business models with recurring revenue potential.

What are you NOT looking for?

We do not fund biotechnology companies, consultancies, or other non tech enabled service-oriented companies.



How much funding do Engage companies receive and what are the terms?

For each participating company, we invest $75,000 at terms dependent on the individual company’s funding history. In addition to the $75,000 in initial growth program funding, Engage will co-invest larger amounts ($250k-1MM) in financing rounds in select portfolio companies. This investment is at market terms set by the lead investor in the particular round. We can both lead or follow.

In addition to funding, what other resources does Engage provide?

Engage provides co-working space in our newly constructed office in Technology Square in Midtown Atlanta. Unlimited snacks and beverages included.

We offer a wide range of branding and design resources. We have an in-house designer who can help with all your branding and design needs. Also, we have partnered with Big Red Rooster, a global marketing firm, who works with our portfolio companies, pro-bono.

Additionally, we offer legal, accounting, consulting, PR, and IT support through our partnerships with leading national services firms.

Lastly, with our proximity to Georgia Tech and the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), startups have access to a full hardware and prototyping workshop, which includes thermal chambers, CNCs and 3D printers. The whole works.



Does Engage have job openings? Internships?

Engage is not currently hiring, but our portfolio companies often are. Please check back often for job postings.

What is Engage’s relationship to Georgia Tech?

First, G.P. “Bud” Peterson, the president of Georgia Tech, is on the board of Engage. Second, Engage is offering space and other services through a contract with the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), which was established at Georgia Tech to launch and build technology companies. You will have access to ATDC experts, facilities, rapid prototyping facilities, and wealth of resources.

What if I have more questions?

Please send an email to