David Lee

VP, Innovation and Strategic Enterprise Fund, UPS

David is the VP of Innovation and the Strategic Enterprise Fund at UPS.

In the VP of Innovation and the Strategic Enterprise Fund role, David and his team are working to create pathways to bring new ideas to market and into our global smart logistics network. Innovation at UPS is about empowering our people. There is so often an obsession over “ideas.” But an idea is useless without the people it takes to turn that idea into something real. Our innovation programs provide an environment that makes it easier for people to take action on ideas that inspire them. We provide a framework that encourages people to explore, experiment, and try. If we harness the energy and creativity of the people who come to work at UPS every day, we can solve global-scale problems at start-up speeds. Our innovation program includes the Strategic Enterprise Fund, UPS’s strategic venture capital group. In addition to working with start-ups, our team also works to build collaborative bridges with technology companies, other global leaders, universities, and research entities. Prior to joining UPS, David started and led a number of innovation efforts at SunTrust Bank and Bank of America. He has a BA in economics from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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