Sotero is a global innovator and leader in next-generation data security. Sotero’s data security platform eliminates malware beyond ransomware, as well as insider threats with virtually no latency or impact on user experience. Patented technology secures data “in- use” and enables our customers to innovate and gain a competitive advantage while mapping back to regulatory compliance mandates.

Use Cases:

  • Eliminate Malware Beyond Ransomware

    • Sotero detects and keeps critical data secure by learning the behavior and shutting it down in 120 seconds or fewer – guaranteed

    • Minimize the blast radius to just a single file or element

    • Surgically restore the corrupted file or element with granular forensics

  • Eliminate Insider Threats to Critical Data

    • Securing 100% of the data in transit, at rest, and in use

    • Protecting the sensitive data, not the user, and without disruption

    • Deploying DLP at the application layer using UBA since traditional DLP is ineffective

Purandar Das

Purandar Das


Purandar Das is a member of the 2023 Forbes Technology Council. Prior to creating Sotero, PD served as the CTO of Enterprise Solutions for Infogroup (now known as Data Axle) for 6 years. Before that, he was gaining additional CTO experience at MobileMessenger and Epsilon.


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