Junior Gaspard

Head of Startup Growth,

Junior Gaspard
Head of Startup Growth

At eight years old, Junior got his first exposure to technology’s impact on society when his older brother got a Commodore 64. Since they were the only ones in their neighborhood with a home computer, all the nextdoor neighbors would come over and tinker with the machine to understand how it worked. Junior’s entire career has been built off this fascination around how technology influences communities.

After majoring in marketing at Georgia State, Junior knew he wanted to apply this knowledge to the technology industry. He joined Silverpop, Bill Nussey’s email marketing company, as the first salesperson, and scaled the company from $0 to $70M in revenue. From there, he worked at Scoutmob, a mobile advertising platform, and then joined Experience, a mobile ticketing company as CRO, which sold to Cox Enterprises before he became CEO.

Junior originally joined Tech Square Ventures as an Entrepreneur in Residence. After seeing how the Engage Program helped him use technology to make a societal impact at scale, he joined the firm full time as the Head of Startup Growth, helping existing portfolio companies with go-to-market strategies and sourcing new startups to join the program.

When he’s not helping Engage startups fuel their sales and marketing efforts, Junior likes to read nonfiction books, and spend time with his wife and two daughters.