About Engage Ventures


Who We Are

Engage is an independent venture fund and platform, established and financed by some of the most influential corporations in the world.  Our mission is to strengthen collaboration and partnership between leading corporations and top entrepreneurs.

The founding Limited Partner corporations contributing capital, expertise, time and resources include AT&T, Chick-fil-A, Cox Enterprises, Delta Air Lines, Georgia-Pacific, Georgia Power Foundation, Goldman Sachs, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Invesco Ltd., The Home Depot and UPS.

What We Do

As a part of the Engage platform, we host a series of events throughout the year on topics focused around go-to-market & scaling. Our portfolio founders also have access to select, invite-only events and dinners ranging from those with other venture investors to Fortune 500 CEOs and executives.

Engage portfolio companies have access to our growth program, which we offer twice each year at our HQ in Atlanta, GA. Founders work closely with the Engage team and executives within our LP/partner corporations to refine their go-to-market strategies and focus on building strategic relationships leading to distribution and scale. Engage board and operating committee members facilitate navigating the sales and partnership process from the top-down.

By blocking time on corporate schedules 12 months in advance, we streamline one of the biggest challenges in corporate // startup interaction – calendar.

To date, every company we have worked with has formed strategic partnerships or signed one or more of our corporate partners as end customers.

Our Focus

We partner with companies that are looking for scale and access to distribution. This typically means that companies have already found product-market fit, have raised seed funding, and have existing revenue traction.

We are early-stage agnostic – incoming Engage companies have had anywhere from $500k to $25MM in prior funding.

We invest in bold entrepreneurs pursuing large market opportunities with innovative and disruptive products and look in a wide range of industries as our corporate partners are spread across many markets and verticals.

Our Model

We invest on terms dependent on your capital raised and your revenue and traction.

In addition to our initial check and joining the Engage platform, Engage will co-invest larger amounts in subsequent financing rounds in portfolio companies. We typically do not lead.

Unlike most corporate venture capital firms, Engage is independent of each of our partner corporations, buffering our portfolio companies from any attached strings and conflicts down the road.